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I started Ècru because I wanted to put out pieces that I enjoy the most on a daily basis. The attraction for a unique earth tone color in anything was a main driving force for my concept. Incorporating vintage feels from the 90's era, (which was one of the most influential times in fashion). I want to bring these ideas and goods to like-minded people, that will also appreciate my vision for a lifetime of wear and use.

The word Ècru simply means very light brown, as raw silk unbleached linen etc. It is a highly neutral earth tone color that you can pair with any other color as well as coming across it in every single walk of life. I have always enjoyed the outside and nature - this is one of the main reasons why the word and color ècru stood out to me. It defines everything I can describe myself and what I appreciate to be.

Being from Chicago, I have been around many reputable in fashion and style - but my biggest inspiration has been my father. I would see pictures my family has kept, and noticed how authentic his style was in the 90's. He never tried too hard, and I could always tell that he was conscious of the latest trends of that era. 

My goal is to bring the essentials of everyday wear from the 90's and make them alive today strategically. This would 100% make my dad proud...and in a way, I am doing this for him. 


A lifestyle curated for the modern minimalist, who enjoys the vintage tone - Ècru By CT